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Explosion-Proof Chamber (Gas-Analyzer)

모델명   :   SEMI-181F
제품특징   :   Battery Test & Gas Analyzing at once!



1) When batteries are exploded in the chamber

   -> Feasible to analyze gas (CH4 , CO, O2, HF, PH3, NO, SO2, NO2, HCN, CO2, etc.)

   -> Strong durability for a certain level of pressure 

   -> Safety Certified in Pressure Chamber according to Industrial safety and health act
       (Max 10 bar)

2) Chamber Door - Automatic Cylinder Type (Clamp)

3) Internal Chamber - Well-Insulated (Aluminum-Anodized)

4) Power Feedthrough / Temperature measuring Channel

5) Data Saving & Filter Function, Circulating function are included

    -> Gas Data function is Optional

6) Various safety devices are included (Emergency Stop & Manual exhaust valve)



General Specification


* Size and other specifications can be changed at the request of the customer.



Safety Certificate