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Thermal Chamber
Thermal Chamber

모델명   :   TC-150
제품특징   :   Various Testing in low temperature


  • Stainless Steel - Chamber
  • Easy control - heights in shelves.
  • PID Controller - Rapid Setting - Safe Operation - Step Control (Programmabe Controller)
  • International Standardized Compressor - Highly effective, low in power consumption. Circulating Fan & Eco-friendly refrigerent (R134a)
  • Over temperature Limit -
  • 4~20mA - signal, RS485 - graph and calculating functions can be uploaded.



Model TC-150A/TC-150B/TC-150C TC-250A/TC-250B/TC-250C
Power 220V 60HZ
Temperature Range A : -10~65°C, B : -40~150°C, CB : -70~100°C
Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Stability ± 0.5°C
Input Power 1000W 1300W
Interior 500×500×600 500×500×1000
Overall 700x770x1250 700×770×1750
Shelves per
Chamber (Normal)
Timing Range 1~99Hr59min
※ Size and other specifications are always negotiable with clients' demand.