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Vacuum Oven for High Temperature
Vacuum Oven

모델명   :   IVO-27, IVO-64
제품특징   :   Cooling system installed in the door packing.
PID Auto-tuning controller Interlock System  Safety Devices Outstanding in sealing the chamber


Electrical Requirements220V 60Hz (1P or 3P)
Temperature Range60 ~ 400℃
Temperature Control / Stability0.1℃ (±10℃)
Vacuum DegreeDown to 0.1Torr
Ambient Temperature+ 5 ~ 40℃
Input Power1600W2000W2800 ~ 6000W
Interior Dimension (mm) W×D×H305 x 300 x 305, 28L405 x 400 x 405, 66L500 x 500 x 500, 125L
Overall Dimension (mm) W×D×H600 x 450 x 1250750 x 550 x 1500970 x 680 x 1650
Shelves per Chamber3pcs3pcs3pcs
Chamber MaterialStainless Steel
NoteProgram Controller, Cold rap bath (Option)
※ Size and other specifications are always negotiable with clients' demand.

Temperature Uniformity (Test report & Graph)

Set temperature 140℃ for 24 hours testing.9-point temp. sensors were attached for temperature uniformity as tested above.

General Components in Vacuum Oven

product2_img2.jpg Aluminum Shelves - consistent temp. uniformity! product2_img3.jpg Silicone O-ring - outstanding vacuum degree! product2_img4.jpg Analogue gauge - Up to 0.1Torr product2_img5.jpg Vacuum pump - Pumping speed: 50~1800L/min
- 220V or 380V, 1P/3P
product2_img6.jpg Cold Trap - Trapping Quantity (2L / 20L)
- Temp. up to -40°C & -70°C
- Useful in moisture removal
- Defrost -> Drain
product2_img7.jpg Digital shim gauge - Measures 1000 ~ 1.0E-3Torr